Inspirational Resources for the "Real Girl"
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Awake My Soul Ministries

CorrieLeeAnn is the daughter of an Evangelist Missionary and Gospel Singing family. After a lifetime of ministry, singing with her family, and her 10 years of work in the field of education, she began to desire ways to combine her love for teaching and sharing God’s love through music.

In January of 2019, Corrie began the Awake My Soul ministry. This ministry creates faith-based resources designed around the concept of encouraging today’s Christian woman toward dependence, wholeness and identity with her Creator.

Corrie’s debut program is entitled The AWAKE, 5 step morning routine. This is a routine designed to encourage women towards a lifestyle of “centered in Christ” wholeness.

The Vision for the Future of Awake My Soul Ministries is collaborate with like minded ministries to create a hub of resources from a variety of relatable perspectives for today's woman of faith.